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did you call me? yes,iha chi! i'm sorry. next door being noisy. sorry i will go and tell them to be quiet. very, very sorry. [loud party noises] come on in. excuse me. sorry. can you keep the noise down please? be a little bit quieter. huh? be quiet. look at this. three young men on holiday. three beautiful geishas and all this expensive saki we ordered from you and you tell us to be quiet. actually we don't mind but someone next door complained. someone complained? about us? tell them to come here and complain to our faces. no. no. wait! i understand. they're just jealous. we're here having a good time and they're all alone, right? that's it. they're just jealous. maybe so but actually it's not just an ordinary person that complains. what do you mean not an ordinary person? someone with three heads, six legs? a ghost? very funny, sir, but actually it's a samurai. samurai? next door? why didn't you tell us. we don't like samurais? sometimes they just kill people by mistakes. sorry about that. samurai? okay. okay. we understand and we'll be quiet. okay. ladies sorry. parties ov
call me? yes,iha chi, come in. listen? oh, no. next door being noisy again. i'll go tell them to be quiet. not this time. hia chi let me introduce myself. my name is goto motimoshi and 8 years ago my wife and brother will were killed and i've been searching since for the man who did it. fortunately, i found him. congratulations! where? here. here? the man next door and i'm going to kill him. tell him to come here now. go tell him to come here now. [crying] excuse me. [singing] come on in and listen to this story! is it the story about gatomoshi. how do you know. because the samurai next door is him. he's going to kill you. kill me? no. listen, it wasn't me. it was somebody else. i just hear that story. i'm sorry. last month and i thought that's good story but actually it wasn't me. it was another man. it wasn't you? oh, no. someone else. go tell samurai, please! okay. i'll try but, i don't know if he'll listen. he's very, very angry. please! please! samurai - where is he? bring him to me! wait. let me explain. he said actually it wasn't him. it was somebody else and he just to
want a quiet room! do you understand? yes, of course i understand. don't worry my name is,iha chi and if you have any problems let me know and i can help you. is that true? yes, of course. okay. then i will stay here tonight. really? thank you samurai. this way please. special guest for the night. samurai. this way please. upstairs. okay and this is your room. seems to be a quiet room. good. okay, you take this. it's a tip. a tip? thank you so much. thank you very much. okay. so, enjoy your stay. have a good sleep tonight. rooms available! rooms available! anybody. sir, sir, you need a room for to it in? no? madame, we have family rooms - no? business is slow tonight. three young men, perfect. excuse me. gentlemen, are you looking for a room. we have the best bed. very comfortable and a beautiful big bathtub. nice and hot. sounds good. what do you think? nice hot bathtub. comfortable futon sounds good to be. we'll stay here tonight. thank you very much. this way please. upstairs please. thank you. your well co. and this will be your room. here are your bathrobes and the bathroom
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. that is so important for the business community. i was born and raised here. it is home. it ihas always felt a comfortable place to live. it's part of my life. [applause] >> i want to -- here we go. [applause] this is the second time in our entire history we have given this award. thank you, ed harrington. >> thank you very much. thank you, david, for the nice introduction, and to mfac and spur for the award. when someone wants to give you a lifetime achievement award -- are you [laughter] dead] it is a nice thing to think. i want to congratulate the other awardees and also the other nominees. i was nominated for this award several years ago and never won it. it is kind of like the academy awards. i have been extraordinarily fortunate in city government to have two of the best jobs anyone could ever have, the controller and the head of utilities for the city and county of san francisco. the rally has been a labor of love. i have enjoyed the substance of the job, the topics we engage in, but much more than that, the people. you have such incredibly smart, creative, wonderful, talented people
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at the light. >> i was at a comple op3 iha. >> you are slowing down or stopping at the light. >> i was at a complete stop. i just saw her barrelling toward me. i could see she wasn't even looking at the light. >> she was putting on mascara? >> yes. that i could see, and she just plowed right into me. unfortunately to this day i still have back issues because of it. >> are you in pain right now? >> i am. yeah. the pain medications make a huge difference, thank goodness. without them, i don't think i would be able to work a full-time job. >> but she says after the new state law passed no doctor would treat her. how hard has it been to find doctors who will give you the pain medications you want? >> since this law passed, it's been incredibly difficult. i ended up calling multiple clinics. i would call and say -- first words out of their mouth, if you want pain medication, forget about it, we're done. >> christie believes that doctors are turning away patients because they see prescribing any pain medication as a risk. they see it as a potential violation of the law. eventually she di
.2 million nos six years. and what the people ihas not been announced that he will coach in the rose bowl. is it a bit of jealousy? you always have used the kron of reporters but i always like to use the kron staff and outside sources. >> you have a staff. and there is our outside >> and keep that on kevin hart thank-you for dressing up. oh my gosh! a la and weather or not the wisconsin will continue to coach on a new year's day. >> this flier has no the heisman trophy. now, people is providing tweets. johnny is going to be the first freshman to when the most coveted prize for the 11th straight year. stiff arm trophy .com has predicted the winner and look at it jason. stiff arm is predicted manzille to win and klein out of kansas state... i guess that takes the fun out of debt. i would sit and wait did mention that kevin is my outside source. in this super media world, we know everything. and the reason why i have to show. >> 11? >> have your jokes. because everybody knows the results of the game. >> back in 1999, 78 percent of the people that stayed up to watch sports wanted to find ou
in hawaii. rest in peace, senator inouye. that summarizes how much dan ihas meant to hawaii, how much he has meant to america. his last word, aloha. as senator reid said, so appropriate. that this kind and gentle american hero would leave with a greeting of love for everyone else. that was his life. i yield the floor. the presiding officer: the senator from california. mrs. boxer: mr. president, i want to associate myself with remarks made by my elegant colleague, senator durbin, and the remarks made by senator reid and all of those who have come to the floor to praise a one of a kind senator and an extraordinary human being, my friend, dan inouye. you know, i was telling senator lieberman when the senate put on a little retirement dinner for our retiring senators, including senator lieberman, there was senator inouye, and we looked back, it was only two weeks ago, mr. president. you know he couldn't have been strong, he wasn't well, but he came to that dinner, he sat at that table because of his respect for the individual senators and for this institution and the love he had for them and fo
we can for the country. it seems like he ihas made his decision. what is it going to take to get the rest of the folks to go along with him? >> we will not really know that until tomorrow. one of the problems they're going to face is what we're hearing is that they do not expect to be able to turn of the sequester, the automatic spending cuts set to hit in january. the obama administration has some ability to blunt the effect of those cuts, but there are lot of people in the republican party especially for upset with the cuts that would hit the pentagon. it may be difficult to rally republican votes if they cannot turn off the sequester. and the democratic side, the estate tax could be a problem. republicans are insisting that the estate tax stay at current .evels, which is exemp many democrats would like to see -- in january, it is scheduled to go up automaticalldramatically. most democrats want to see something in the middle. they are adamant that we cannot exempt states as large as $5 million. >> lori montgomery, do we expect anything going on today, and if not, when is the ea
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Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21 (some duplicates have been removed)

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